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High quality raw materials

The Italian origins of raw materials is a prerequisite of the Made in Italy.
But ness and also wise choice in manufacturing processes where the raw materials are mixed with the genuineness ,quality and tradition of the “recipes”.


Our products divided into four categories:


The tomato for his goodness and for its beneficial properties has climbed the ranks of the “vegetables” best. Particularly appreciated for its ductility in the kitchen.


Used since ancient times to dress and make tasty dishes, sauces have – in italian cuisine- the task to enhance the taste and the flavor of each ingredient.

The olive oil and the typical food of the mediterranean cuisine and represents the condiment to prefer absolute in both raw and cooked.

The wheat and the water are the simple ingredients of the paste but only with the italian passion “pasta” becomes “culture” of Italy.

Legumes are important for our body and the great variety of vegetables that are products allows us to use them in many varied recipes that will enrich our table with taste and flavor.

Contours – peppers-fungi-zucchini-eggplant-tomato-, always tasty, original and fast make always tasty and colorful table.

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